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Kyriba awards Zanders

Due to a successful partnership in several projects, treasury software provider Kyriba awarded Zanders ‘European Partner of 2021’. Heather Vertin, Kyriba VP of Global Partnerships & Alliances, explained: “Zanders has worked with Kyriba for several years and has been an official partner since 2018. They are without doubt one of our most strategic partners in Europe, and together we have won a number of landmark deals. With collaboration and synergy between multiple departments on both sides of the partnership, they engage early after selection, delivering clear, sound, and concise project management throughout, with excellent communication and full transparency. Zanders continuedly challenges Kyriba to be better, pushing the envelope of what we can achieve with our technology, recently leading the charge to engage with Kyriba on our Open API Program in Europe. We couldn’t be more excited to see how our partnership with Zanders will develop and grow in the coming years.”


Save the date: 8 September

Zanders Risk Management Seminar

On Thursday 8 September, we will again organize our well-known event, the Zanders Risk Management Seminar. During this year’s edition, speakers from various backgrounds will share their views on climate change risk. Mathijs van Dijk (Erasmus University), Frank Selten (the Dutch Weather Institute, KNMI), Sandra Schoonhoven (ING), Kirsten Alink (ABN AMRO), Dirk Broeders (Dutch central bank, DNB) and Erben Wennemars (former Dutch speed skater) will provide insights into the climate changes that are anticipated for the decades to come, share possible approaches for climate risk quantification and stress testing, discuss the need for new data sources, and explain how climate change risk can be integrated in existing risk frameworks.

Financial institutions – and banks in particular – are uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in the transition to a sustainable economy. The transition is providing a wide range of opportunities for banks, from large financing needs to the introduction of green bonds and sustainability-linked derivatives. At the same time, it is of paramount importance for banks to adopt a climate change-resilient strategy and to integrate climate change risk into their risk frameworks. This is underlined by the increased scrutiny of this issue by regulators in recent years. Therefore, the speakers will share a lot of important insights during this afternoon event. So, get prepared for the future and join the Zanders Risk Management Seminar 2022!

For more information and to register, visit the ZRMS website here.

Location: Muntgebouw, Utrecht (NL)

Time: 13:00 – 18:30

We regularly organize webinars on several topics, such as Hedging client options, Cash Flow Forecasting, Expected Credit Loss and Treasury technology. Please check on our website to keep up to date with our latest webinars

EuroFinance International Treasury Management 2022 | 21-23 September | Vienna (AT)

Welcome, instigate and lead the transition of treasury into a post-pandemic world at the much-anticipated 31st annual EuroFinance International, returning in person after three years. With more than 2000 attendees including 150 world-class speakers the event offers unparalleled networking and insights from the world’s most senior treasury professionals.

We are proud to be sponsor at the EuroFinance International Treasury Management.

Feel free to visit us at our booth. We are looking forward meeting you there!

To register for the event, please click here. With the code ZAN/C20 you will receive a 20% discount.

For more information, please contact Sander van Tol at +31 88 991 02 00 or visit the conference’s website.

The A-Z of Corporate Treasury Training | 10-12 October (Amsterdam, NL) and 14-18 November (virtual)

Get a complete overview of Corporate Treasury in 2022! Partnering with the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) we deliver this training as an in-depth introduction to the corporate treasury function in international markets.

The AZ of Corporate Treasury Training provides you with a complete overview of the corporate treasury function from strategy and organization, to cash management, risk management and corporate finance over five days. We combine theoretical knowledge and insights into all aspects of the treasury function and activities with ‘real life’ case study examples so that you can really relate the core principles to your own work.

For more details, please check the information on our website.

To register for the upcoming trainings in June, you can use this registration link.

AFP 2022 | 23-26 October | Philadelphia (USA)

Flex that growth mindset and transform how you think, and what you can do, at AFP 2022 in Philadelphia, United States. Including sessions and roundtables to keep you on top of treasury and finance:

  • Peak Performance With Laila Ali: In her opening keynote, she will share tactics and strategies for navigating complex challenges and turning intentions into actions.
  • Think Again With Keynote Adam Grant: Organizational psychologist will leave you determined to never again say “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”
  • Issues That Matter Most To You: Check out the full education session tracks and topics here.

We are proud sponsor of the AFP 2022. Visit us at our booth!

For more information, please feel free to contact Paul DeCrane at +1 312 953 4075 or visit the conference website.

Beach readings: Zanders Yearbook!

Earlier this year, we sent printed editions of Zanders Yearbook to many contacts. This 64-pages edition contains 'the best of' all articles we published digitally in 2021, for you to browse through at your leisure. If you haven't received one, but would like to, let us know!

So, if you'd like to receive a copy of Zanders Yearbook, shipped free of charge, please send an email with your name and address information to


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