Today’s top priorities

After the impact of the corona pandemic in the past two years, recently our focus has shifted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which now impacts our daily lives. It’s heart-breaking to watch the images of devastated cities, and to hear the stories about people from Ukraine forced to flee their homes to look for a safe place. I never thought we would live to see this kind of crisis once again. Our heart goes out to all those people affected. I am proud to see our Zanders colleagues come together to support the people and communities impacted and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution.

Unfortunately, there are other global disruptions that call for quick, decisive steps. Last month, the IPCC, the United Nations climate panel, alarmed the world. Large-scale scientific research shows that climate change has even more serious consequences for life on earth than we already thought. In our Autumn edition of the Zanders Magazine we described how unpreventable some disruptive events are and how our clients can improve their operational resilience. In this edition of the Zanders Magazine, we explain why banks have an important role to play in the transition to a sustainable economy, not only to be better prepared for the future themselves, but also as an opportunity to reap the benefits.

Another top priority is the current stage of digital transformation. The treasury and risk ecosystem is experiencing significant change brought about by fast moving technological developments. Each of these changes on its own would have a significant impact, however as they are all happening together, the impact is more momentous. The impact of exponential technology is that treasury and risk departments are becoming a ‘digital command center’ full of data analytics, algorithms and self-improving processes. 2022 and beyond will continue to see innovative technology expand exponentially.

The pandemic, the situation in Ukraine and climate change have increased today’s global uncertainty. Resilience is ever more required to be safe and successful in this changing environment. But while still being a challenge to some, digital transformation often has the potential to offer great opportunities. Those organizations who welcome and embrace the digital challenge will excel. They will need to evaluate the manual processes and identify those that are candidates for improvement, redesign and replacement by exponential technology.

I wish you a healthy, safe, resilient and digital Spring!

Laurens Tijdhof

CEO and Managing Partner of Zanders

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