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We regularly organize webinars on several topics, such as Hedging client options, Cash Flow Forecasting, Expected Credit Loss and Treasury technology. Please check on our website to keep up to date with our latest webinars

Treasurers Roundtable | 12-13 July| Online

During the '2021 Annual Conference of the Treasurers Roundtable' several speakers will share all relevant treasury experiences, challenges, and solutions. The roundtable sessions bring out frank conversations within a safe community. This virtual event therefore promotes collaboration to shape solutions and engage with banks, governments, and treasury specialists.

We are proud to be sponsor at the 2021 Annual Conference to the Treasurers Roundtable. For more information on this event contact Laurens Tijdhof or visit the conference website.

The A-Z of Corporate Treasury Training | 1-5 November | Online

In this Virtual Classroom we offer you a complete overview of Corporate Treasury in 2021. Partnering with the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) we deliver this training as an in-depth introduction to the corporate treasury function in international markets.

The AZ of Corporate Treasury Training provides you with a complete overview of the corporate treasury function from strategy and organization, to cash management, risk management and corporate finance over five days. We combine theoretical knowledge and insights into all aspects of the treasury function and activities with ‘real life’ case study examples so that you can really relate the core principles to your own work.

For more details, please check our website. To register for one of our trainings you can use this registration link.

DACT Treasury Fair 2021 | 25-26 November | Noordwijk (NL)

We are proud sponsor of the 18th edition of DACT Treasury Fair in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The DACT Treasury Fair is a Dutch event where suppliers and buyers of treasury services and products can meet each other. During the Fair, visitors attending the Master Class, profession-specific presentations and dedicated product demos can keep their knowledge of treasury issues up to the mark. The Fair also provides the opportunity for informal contact and network building.

To register for the DACT Treasury Fair, please visit the DACT Treasury Fair website. For more information, please contact Sander van Tol on +31 35 692 89 89 or the conference’s website.


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