Young Ones

Very often, when I’m preparing myself for another day at the office, I start the day with a song in my head. It often matches a top-of-mind activity. For example, if the day starts rainy, I hear Prince’s ‘Purple rain’ in my head. On new year’s morning it was a song that – quite remarkably for a day out of office – matched with two of my colleagues. It was a so-called evergreen, sung by good old Cliff Richard: The Young Ones. This was probably not a coincidence… While we are not replacing the 'old ones' yet, we’re growing! As of January 1st, Laura Koekkoek and Mark van Ommen joined our partner ranks, making a total of nine partners!

The Young Ones song symbolizes more than simply a younger management team, but also new 'young' developments, like opening an office in Stockholm to facilitate the Nordic market. This was followed even more recently by another new announcement. As we advise and support our clients as far as the Asian east coast and the American west coast, we’ve opened an office in Tokyo too. Mitchell Ponder will have the exciting task of starting our services locally from the Tokyo office, just as René Andersen has already started from Stockholm.

2019 was a busy year for us. The corporates market (and treasury centers in particular) supplied us with a lot of work. We are thankful to our clients that have put their trust in us and we look forward to continuing these partnerships well into the future. For us, 2020 will be a year of change: we are reconsidering our internal structure and business model to facilitate more consultants. At the same time, we are looking to supply more app-like solutions to our clients, both separately or as an integral part of our consultancy offerings.

It's a bit sad to mention that we’ve also recently decided to leave our Bussum premises in due course. It has been our home for nearly 20 years, making it a ‘house full of good memories’. In our search for a better (greener, in terms of sustainability) environment and more office space, we’ve found a new home to hire in the heart of Utrecht, on top of the central railway station. We’ll move into our new home early 2022. It will be a young one for us, but we’ll bring our familiar, distinctive expertise with us. And of course, we hope to see you there too – preferably by train…

But first we focus on this special year, 2020, which will surely contain a lot of songs to accompany our moves in the world of treasury and risk!

Rob Naber