10 years@Zanders

Koen Reijnders

Koen Reijnders joined Zanders 10 years ago. In the world of financial consultancy, this is remarkable, since the gradient is quite high. What makes it so attractive for him to keep working at Zanders for so long?

“An important reason is that I still learn a lot here,” says Koen. “My role within the company and the team is constantly changing. In addition, the working atmosphere is good and it’s just a pleasure to work with ambitious, smart people. Furthermore, we have a flat structure; you don't notice the hierarchy in the workplace.”

In the past years you have become a senior manager. What responsibilities do you have in this role?

“As a senior manager within the public sector customer group, I have various responsibilities. For example, I’m managing a team of consultants and help them to develop themselves within Zanders. I mainly see myself as a sparring partner for these consultants. In addition, within the department I am responsible for HR and recruitment, I do business development and I also realize turnover in treasury projects.”

You also participated in the ZAP. What is it and what was your experience?

“The Zanders Accelerator Program has been devised for experienced consultants who have started or are about to start their role as ‘people manager’. Within a fixed group you follow a one-year training program in which you’re expected to apply the training directly in practice. I had a very positive experience with ZAP. It’s nice that we have a program like this for people who have been working here for a bit longer, because it boosts your development and strengthens the bond with your peers.”

Finally, you are also involved in the Zanders Innovation Desk. What is your role in this?

“I‘m part of the Investment Committee, which consists of a number of consultants and a number of Partners. When someone has come up with an idea and has enhanced it together with the Innovation Core Team, we assess it by asking critical questions. We therefore assess whether the idea can contribute to the Zanders strategy in the long term. And it's fun to be involved in that!”



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