A fresh look at the familiar

In the past few months, we have had a lot of discussion and thought about our office environment. The historic building that serves as our headquarters has a nice, homely atmosphere but, at the same time, it's in need of a makeover. We want to be more energy-friendly, create more interior daylight and, of course, more space. We considered looking for another location, but although Bussum is not marked on an average global map, this spot turns out to have everything that we – and hopefully our clients too – consider important. After all, we are in a green environment, centrally located in the country, with fast exit roads, plenty of public transport options and ample parking options. So we have developed some exciting plans to rebuild our familiar head office and make it more sustainable. We will improve its energy efficiency, choose some fresher color schemes and create more space for consultation, presentation and video- and telephone conferencing.

In the meanwhile, we are continuing to create new products too, to share our knowledge in different ways. With Zanders Inside, for example, the platform that we started this year, we offer a range of tools to help our clients. The first one is already available, the ICRP tool, which can carry out a quick and clear analysis of the financial position of a company. We notice that our customers have, in addition to our advice, an increasing need for models and tools to be able to carry out specific analysis. Therefore, several other tools will follow in the coming months.

And so much remains familiar, while we continue to follow our customers’ and our own adjusted wishes and goals. After reading the articles in this autumn edition of Zanders Magazine, we’d also like to hear what tools you would benefit from!