Our observations

Dear reader,

Last December, no one on our planet could have predicted the changes the world would go through in 2020. The world has transformed drastically due to the corona pandemic. Television shots of people shaking hands now appear as if images from a different era. Working from home has become the new normal and many of us have transformed our kitchen or bedroom into an office. We hope you and your loved ones are all in good health!

In the meantime, the world of treasury, risk and finance kept spinning like mother earth herself. After all, in times of increased uncertainty, clear treasury insight with proper cashflow forecasting offers more stability. Maybe even more than in the past years, technology has accelerated in 2020. The pandemic has stimulated several companies to replace their outdated systems. For these companies, next steps in development will probably be more effective in the years to come.

To what extent will our predictions and expectations for 2021 come true? What challenges and opportunities will we face during the year to come? As a company, it has proven to be of great importance to ensure a fertile soil. Only then, growth and development can arise. As you already knew, we can help you to make your treasury land fertile. During the past recent years, we have also developed our company with the necessary technological nutrients.

This Yearbook offers some interesting observations from the past year, mostly from a treasurer’s points of view. We have seen the peaks and troughs in corporate treasury that now offer some insight in future challenges and opportunities. Like so many other things this year, it's different to what you're used to. There's no printed edition – too many physical mailboxes are unseen and untouched this year – but instead a more sector-focused collection, including the best articles in Zanders Magazine, e-Newsletters and website curated in one digital Yearbook.

We wish you all a very successful and healthy 2021 and pleasant reading!

On behalf of Zanders' corporate clients team (pictured below from left to right),

Judith van Paassen, Sander van Tol, Laurens Tijdhof, Laura Koekkoek & Mark van Ommen.


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